Smoke and Mirrors

Couture vs Labels: Couture

Couture is not only about using quality fabrics, ingenuity of construction but also about the skilled workmanship involved to pull the design altogether. It is of little use to create an elaborate design, and not have the know-how to put it all together, or design something that simply cannot work. I’m not referring to theatrical masterpieces which defy gravity or magically appear to cling to the skin – a neckline that plunges to the navel with double-sided sticky tape preventing complete embarrassment.  This is definitely reserved for theatrics not the office!

Couture creations are for real people in real life. OK, theatre is real life for some on the stage or in the ring, I will give you that. Haute couture items seen on the runway in recent years by the giants of fashion are truly created for theatrical or entertainment value with lesser known fashion houses following that trend. True haute couture was never presented on a runway to appeal to a mass audience. Customers of haute couture were treated to private presentations of designer’s garments to entice those would-be clients into a commission by that designer. So if you too are shaking your head at runway offerings, believe me you are not alone.

However, couture is not reserved only for the rich and famous any longer; nor should it be reduced to a cheap imitation either. Couture is all about personal style, elegance, chic-ness, and yes practicality and authentic high quality.

Our featured couture wedding gown is engineered to hold up, hold on, to walk and to sit in, comfortably. No glue, no smoke and mirrors. Our bride will be wearing her wedding gown all day, and it needs to look and feel perfect all day – not a wrinkled uncomfortable wreck. The inside structure is one of the secrets to its success…


The couture process takes more time than buying off the rack, is it worth the effort and the patience? Did you know that you are totally unique, that no two individuals are the same shape or proportion! I didn’t say size because size is irrelevant in couture. Sizes are codes invented for mass production representing a statistical average of the buying public, and factory inventory control – so they don’t make all the same size on the production line. Don’t buy into the Size numbers game – it’s a tradition that basically means nothing  except where to find it on the rack.

Even if you are one of the “average” shape and proportion of the general populace, and can buy garments off the rack, each one of you is still unique. For instance, body proportions alter from side to side. It is not uncommon for one side of your front starting from the middle to the side, can be as much as 4cm larger than the other around your waistline. Why? It may be the way you were born, an old injury, or your job. For instance, if you play an instrument like a guitar for many years or carry your toddler on your hip, one hip will stand out further than the other because your body eventually compensates for the lopsided weight it has to carry.

It’s no wonder then that off the rack does not fit you. Most people do not even realize how badly manufactured clothing fits them – they are just used to it. Ex.Why do people keep hiking up their jeans? Besides the obvious answer – ‘so they don’t fall down’, it is because those jeans do not fit properly – and you thought it was just style? I think some individuals just gave up and let their jeans sit where they fell and others copied to be part of the ‘in crowd’.

Eleganza Couture Fashion Fundraiser tickets available at

November 20th from 1pm to 5pm at the Calgary Winter Club

Two shows: 1pm and 4pm

Come and enjoy the afternoon with Sarah Vann, Lisa Jacobs and Los Morenos, and bid on wonderful prizes!

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