Watch Jill Belland on BTV at EHC – Nov 14th

We are fortunate to have Jill Belland host of Breakfast TV – Citytv Calgary, with us on Monday morning, bright and early! I don’t know how she starts her workday at 3am, when most of us are still tucked up asleep, but with a great team of people behind her, always has a smile and loads of energy even at 5:30 am!

The students with Executive Director of Making Changes Association of Calgary will be here at the school giving everyone a sneak peak at what to expect at Eleganza Fashion Event this year. Yesterday we had Leela Jacobs, fashion stylist, around to take notes on the vintage collection being presented, and Sarah Vann with Lisa Jacobs, music artists featured at Eleganza, will be here showing us their talents, and our bride-to-be, Heidi will be here talking about her featured couture wedding gown and showing a glimpse of the sumptuous silk!

Have your photo taken with Aaron, Reddot Photography – official photographer, at the fashion event!

Time is running out fast so get your tickets online at or from the students call: 403 – 244 – 5460 (EHC).

As a fashion stylist finding the right wardrobe for photo shoots is very important but has also been a struggle finding the right designs and quality. At a meeting at Ecole Holt Couture about their upcoming fashion show I was eager to shoot all the pieces they were using,  they’re designs are timeless. After further discussion, Ecole Holt Couture’s generosity with access to their wardrobe has opened doors for my career as a fashion stylist and I can’t wait to use them in my editorial pieces.

-Leela Jacobs, Fashion stylist-

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