Fashion Portfolio for You

Hi Everyone,

First of all anyone who has the need to create their own design portfolio may be interested in an interactive online portfolio which, to my knowledge, is rather a new concept here in Canada. The site itself is designed, owned and operated by Canadians (yay!) for the purpose of giving national and international level exposure to up-and-coming or established designers.

The idea is that new designers who have very little time or spare resources to make up an expensive promotion package or portfolio for potential employers or clients to view can create a professional one simply and on budget. Take a look at  it is a bi-lingual site that provides an easy step process for even the least computer literate people, like me, to create a professional looking interactive portfolios for the public or select people to view.

For two reasons I am in the process of developing my own online portfolio. One is to test the site to see if it is indeed user-friendly and two that I would like to test the results of this effort in using this site as an effective promotional tool.

So far, I’ve been happy with the look and the technical support that I’ve received, as aforementioned, I’m not a really a whiz with computers. Alex Boucher (Web Marketing Coordinator/ Stylist etc.) and Fadi Brahimcha (self-confessed ‘Geek” to make his impressive CV very short) of Montreal made a personal visit to us at the School in Calgary to explain and demonstrate how this all works.

To mention, they both are professional and amiable individuals who we all really enjoyed having visit us here at Ecole Holt Couture. And, they both have a bit of experience in this field of fashion and technology as they were involved in and developed a Canadian apparel industry resource site full of useful information for designers across Canada, but also an extensive data base of design and fashion professionals – and yes that’s right – CONTACTS. Perhaps you’d like to get in on this one early, let me know how it goes for you….J.

Alex and Fadi at EHC – sorry guys this is a not-very smartphone image 😦

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