Will the real Couture please stand up!

26 Jan
Will the real Couture please stand up!

We were thrilled when EHC was recently invited to present the School’s programs and info about ‘Couture’ to fashion program instructors from the public and catholic school systems at the CTS Mini conference in Calgary this week.

We had a great time – thank you to everyone who attended our one hour session and to our hosts at Forest Lawn High School! Answering the many questions brought up were invaluable to us at EHC in being able to address  specific concerns of fashion teachers in a position to guide young people in choosing their potential careers in fashion.

Assisting EHC’s Public Relations Representative were two current students from each of EHC’s programs, providing a student’s perspective of learning at Ecole Holt Couture School of Couture Sewing and Design.

One FAQ was concerning jobs for graduates such as: do graduates have to relocate to NY or Vancouver to get work? Both students agreed that NY and Vancouver are without a doubt great cities to work in but, it wouldn’t be necessary to relocate.

Calgary and surrounding area alone has a high interest in quality workmanship and fashion, each of the two students are already working with their own clients or have potential clients awaiting their skills to be put into action. In fact more of EHC’s students are currently working in this field – albeit part-time balancing their tight work/study schedules. Did I already mention the number of fashion jobs available in Canada since December 15th, 2011? Check out:

Another interesting question was about ‘Design Projects’, and why EHC’s programs are laid out as methodically and systematically as they are. Because EHC student’s develop their skills creating ‘classic’ styles, the concern was that design creativity would perhaps be held back somewhat.

On the contrary, this unique curriculum is directed to educating students about contemporary fashion history, technical skills, designing skills and good business practices all at the same time giving context to everything the student’s work on  – plus  their projects are put to good use because they are actually wearable!

This structuring not only gives students the background and knowledge to design ‘Hollywood Glamour’, but also the ever essential professional day wear to functional sportswear using a diverse range of fabrics from cotton to leather to embroidered silk laces, but also the skills and confidence to handle and construct their creations successfully from inception to finish.

The garments created using true couture methods are not meant to be ‘throw away’ production line land fill items; these are truly timeless wearable garments using long-lasting, sustainable and environmentally sound products and methods.

More next time …J

Student at work in the studio

found a quite spot to work

at work in the fitting room

machine work consumes a small portion of time for any project - hand work is the major consumer of time


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2 responses to “Will the real Couture please stand up!

  1. dapperdolly

    January 26, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    That’s excellent, I consider tailoring to be a good life skill set along with the likes of plumbers, electricians, builders, carpenters etc – it’s a practical skill that will be helpful all throughout life and can save a lot of money. It also teaches people to appreciate their clothing and fabric items more and understand the potential they have and if they need to go to someone more experienced for alterations for example, they can translate what they want a lot clearer to get what they need.

    I think if basic skills such as basic alterations and using sewing machines were taught it school it would be helpful. When I was younger I didn’t think sewing or cooking (home economics) should be taught at school because they weren’t academic but back then more people were taught those things at home. Nowadays with decreasing attention spans and the need for instant entertainment and distraction as well as busy working lifestyles of parents these essential and basic skills seem t go overlooked and people just stumble through them as they get older so it’s become necessary to teach them in school again.

    Excellent work!


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