Couture – a symphony of skills

One pointed question which we receive at EHC frequently is why must everyone start at the beginning if one already has some education or experience in sewing or design?

Just to clarify it is EHC’s policy – that all ‘new registrants’ to Ecole Holt Couture School of Couture Sewing and Design begin in the first Term, continue as ‘registered students’ to graduate from the Certificate program (6 Terms), and then make application to proceed on into the Diploma (advanced) program Terms 7 to 12.

In rare instances students may take a gap year between programs, for personal or family reasons. Upon return they are referred to as ‘returning students’ and may pick up where they left off as their specific Term opening permits.

Student’s that do not ‘successfully complete’ their Term are ‘Withdrawn’ from the Program, and must re qualify to renter their Program.

EHC’s integrated curriculum is based on successfully completing each module in progression, each component is monitored and each project graded to the required skill standard. To efficiently and effectively instruct and mentor more than one student at a time, to a maximum of 6 per class, each student’s skills competency must reach a qualified comparative level.

With previous experience in sewing and design, a new student may be able to advance quite rapidly in strong areas of skill with the advantage of having more time to develop weak areas. At EHC we are particularly concerned that not one student falls below a certain level of skill or receives any less individual attention; our goal is to turn out skilled and talented couturiers with consistent qualifications.

Each EHC student is engaged in an Olympic marathon rather than a series of sprint events; or to use another analogy in music – to be a successful classical composer requires more than knowing  how to read and write music, play the piano and re- string a violin; each skill is important in itself, but master classes, mentorship, talent and experience is required to accomplish a concerto or symphony worth listening to.

Continued next week….J

House of Dior
House of Dior
House of Dior

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