1001 ways to wear jeans

Went to an exhibit opening last night which was professionally presented and obviously much effort was put in to make it an enjoyable experience. The executive director’s opening remarks, the background history by local eminent historian, and words from the curator and artist himself were so inspirational. Wine and hors d’oeuvres were served throughout the evening – the exhibit was a cultural gem portraying the talent and culture of our City.

Are you picturing this event in your mind? Beautiful venue very well organized; everyone in attendance dressed their best – well one thing is for sure the venue was beautiful and the event superb, but I was appalled yet again by how the general public arrives at this kind of event dressed as if they just dropped by from an outdoor summer folk festival instead – OK they did brush their teeth and comb their hair.

Jeans, jeans and more jeans with T-shirts, fleece vests, trainers and hiking boots. A few people were well dressed for the event – hosts, the artist and some of the guests. In fact, so few made an effort that I was compelled to compliment those who did dress for the occasion – they were genuinely flattered by the way. The only upside to this situation is that no-one is turned away today because of not complying with a dress code.

However, it remains that standards of dressing have fallen so low over the past 20 years that probably only a few individuals are left which really understand the value and impact of their own dress code.

This is not an act of rebellion, statement of protest or entitlement; it isn’t an ‘artsy’ ‘highbrow’ ethereal thing either. Neither is this a ‘statement of individuality’ this mode of dress – because almost everyone is doing it, but the impact to the onlooker says that “I really don’t care about myself”, “I can’t be bothered”, or “I could care less”. The fact is that most people have replaced every decent skirt and pair of trousers with ubiquitous jeans that were only meant for hard labour and casual weekends. Casual Friday’s are being banned in many organizations thank goodness.

What is even worse is this emerging ‘fashion trend’ of wearing pajama bottoms outside your bedroom right out in public to go shopping – just lovely! Equally unattractive is wearing leggings instead of trousers (reserved for ballet dancers on stage) – we really don’t want your well rounded cheeks in our face thanks, or worse yet is wearing high-heals with athletic sweat pants – be prepared – someone might just offer you money for your services!

Sadly, a lot of people will simply buy into anything, a suggestion by a prominent fashion magazine, a photo of a celebrity off duty, blogs by sartorial commentators and voila – there you have it – brain-washed! If you really want to be individualistic bone up on dress codes, put a little effort into it and surprise everyone, you may even receive a compliment!

My apology to those who were expecting slightly more inspirational information – but this truly needed to be shared! Pass it on….

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