Fashion Week 2012

Citation from Couture in the 21st Century (book):

Dior has had the most profound influence on fashion history. You read about the New Look in school history books, which is a pretty rare thing for a fashion collection. He transformed the whole mind-set of women on how they wore clothes.

They went from frugality and practicality to complete fantasy. Would we have approved of it at the time? I think deep down I’m a minimalist, so I may have been saying, ‘You don’t need 40 meters of chiffon to do what you can with two’.”   [personally I’d say maybe ten – J]

“I wonder if people are more interested in the spectacle of couture rather that the quality of it. Everyone is after the Lady Gaga factor. Its’ probably just because 99.9% of people only see couture as an image – a picture in a magazine or on The construction is only really appreciated by the people who wear it, and they are becoming fewer and fewer.

Couture is a secret world. Nothing like it exists anywhere else. Can you imagine experiencing real couture like that first-hand?” [actually yes, most fortunately I can! – J] “For an overall experience, you can’t’ get much better than that.

There are 7 billion+ people in the world? And everyone wants to feel special. Everything is mass produced. Luxury in its purest form has the magic of reminding you that you’re special. To own something that no one else has, that has taken weeks to create by hand, that is beautiful – that is the ultimate luxury there to make us dream”  –  Wes Gordon  in Couture in the 21st Century, by Deborah Bee – end citation.

I could not have expressed it better myself..I heard a comment made by a prominent fashion journalist during the current fashion week that people are looking for fantasy following the economic recession and that the runways are reflecting that. I would add that true couture has always been the reality of ‘personal fantasy’, not visual spectacle or just illusory whimsy.

There are today unfortunately, so few experienced professionals left to pass on these valuable skills – creative designers are many, skilled crafts people are few.  EHC  School of Couture sewing and design is passionately concerned to mentor talented novices, and transfer this knowledge to those who recognize the difference between true couture and ready-made luxury labels, and who dream of creating ultimate quality and becoming the definitive luxury artisan. Take a look at the exquisite hand made button below on the beige day suit.


FIDM Museum

haute couture studio

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