Can emerging artist and designer forums help me?

“I am pro-solitude not anti-social…”

You love to and almost always do work on your own. Statistics prove that as a creative type – artisan or fine craft worker – you work your own crazy hours and like to make decisions about all aspects of your business. This is perfect, except that you are also responsible for keeping paper work up to date, promoting and marketing yourself all on your own.

Starting out you will have limited cash funds. You are a highly responsible person working at least one part time job, paying yourself, paying off student loans, while you establish your business.

Who do you bounce ideas around with? How do you get crucial insider knowledge, industry insights and helpful information to get you started when you’re an emerging talent without long experience?

While attending PARK’s Emerging Artist and Designer Forum this past weekend, it became obvious that these forums are the perfect way to connect with working professionals to gain valuable information and possible mentor-ship leads in Calgary. Participating professionals are interested in sharing their how-to tips and wisdom on issues a variety of issues. Key words “interested in sharing”.

The forum is also a networking opportunity that is organic, rather than constructed.  Networking with people who you feel may be your competition? Surprisingly, not everyone whom you feel is your competition actually is. Everyone is unique and has something of value to share that benefits all. Recognizing commonalities and identifying pitfalls and challenges is eye opening and the first step to overcoming them. You may discover that partnering with someone just for certain projects or situations would be an ideal solution to a challenge that you face.

Being open and transparent about relevant issues benefits everyone in our local (cultural, arts and fashion) community. Change or progress in the industry will not necessarily happen from the top down, or from the inside reaching out. New opportunities, ideas and attitudes emerge from the bottom up, from the outside pressing in, and from knowing what is going on elsewhere.

Your journey is completely unique. No single guru can tell you everything you need to know, but is comforting to know that you don’t need to be alone while on working on your own. I would encourage any artist, designer and artisan in the Calgary area to attend these PARK forums.

As a city we are going through cultural growing pains. Working together to create a more diverse cultural community is beneficial to increasing everyone’s chances of success.

knowledge vs experience
knowledge vs experience


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