Basic Tools for Ecole Holt Couture Introductory Course

Ecole Holt Couture (EHC) teaches couture sewing skills and methods for application to career Dressmakers, Couturiers and Tailors. We also teach these same skills and methods for those who love to sew who just have a love and appreciation for high quality craftsmanship in the art of couture. Creating is exciting, Mastering is satisfying. How do you start? At the beginning.

We already have a handful of very basic videos free to view, but we are working on more critical fundamental instruction videos if you are interested in knowing a little more.

Ecole Holt Couture is gearing up to soon post our Free ‘introduction to couture sewing’ course on our YouTube Channel. It would be good to know what basic tools and equipment will be needed for couture sewing! Here is a list of tools, equipment and materials you’ll need to get started. This by far is not the entire list, but most of these listed are good for a lifetime of use!

We will be posting a separate video for each one explaining the features, and what to look for when you search them out (refer to our playlists). And, maybe you already own some of these or have a special someone in your life that would love to hand them on to you!

We won’t have any sources linked to the items because we are not affiliated or sponsored by any company or supplier; the choice is yours and the internet has so many resources to choose from, that you would be better able to source them from your particular locale and situation. We do recommend to use key words and phrases in your browsers search bar to to your research. [Ecole Holt Couture does have its preferred suppliers, but those will be specifically shared with students in our program].

  • Thimble
  • Scissors and Shears (there is a difference!)
  • Tape measure (we use metric scaled)
  • Cotton thread (NOT polyester thread, or poly cotton wrapped blends, or any synthetic thread)
  • Sewing needles and pincushion
  • Dressmaking pins
  • Fabric: 100% cotton, 100% linen, 100% wool (first use what you have in your stash, or reuse from old clothing)
  • Workspace (needs to be quiet and somewhere very clean)
  • Good lighting (general day light, overhead or ambient light, task lighting)
  • Workbench or table (not a kitchen worktop)
  • Household iron (and ironing surface like an ironing board if you have one) and pressing cloth
  • Sewing machine (if you have access to one now, but if you don’t, stay tuned for more details to come…)

We will be posting a video explaining each one of the above listed items that you will need at hand to go through the home-study free Introduction to Couture Sewing online modules – so keep tuned!

Thanks so much for following our blog!

Cheers! J

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