October 2022 Free EHC Pattern Drafting Tutorial now!

As promised, our one-time-only FREE pattern drafting Tutorial is now online with free access to viewing. The tutorial will be posted for a limited time, and until then you can view it online on Ecole Holt Couture’s YouTube channel at your leisure. It is a 96 minute, full-length feature how-to video, step-by-step instructional guide to drafting your very own pattern for an A-Line skirt using your own measurements.

The project is demonstrated using a set of measurements from a 1/2 scale mannequin, but you are shown how, and encouraged to take and apply your own measurements. We advise that you view the entire video first, and then try it on your own. There are many time-stamps posted in the description box below the video, so that you can click to review whatever section you’d like to view again.

It must be said, that not every body type will look great in an “A-line” skirt, some body types will scream “yes” and others a definite “no!” in this silhouette. However, the process of pattern drafting is easiest to explain to begin with this project that can be manipulated in design by a variety of waistband shapes and closure methods (not included in the video).

Some fabrics will be more successful in creating an A-line skirt than others. Plain weaves, woven textures, and also very large patterning can look awesome, whereas stripes and plaids look better in other skirt styles and silhouettes that can handle patterning balancing acts more effectively. Sturdier weaves are better than soft drapey fabrics for successful A-line skirts.

In any case, we hope you will have fun with it and perhaps you’ll find a new passion to follow up on!

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