EHC February 2023

EHC’s Free full length feature tutorial for beginner pattern drafting on EHC’s YouTube Channel appeared to be of interest to many viewers, with more viewings than we could have hoped for. It was posted for three full months to give viewers a reasonable time to not only watch it, but also to try out pattern drafting for themselves and being able to revisit the video as many times as needed. 

This one-time-free version video was a sample of what our membership online learning could look like for those who like the idea of learning on their own time and at their own pace at a more reasonable price range. A small-group interactive online tutorial, day-long and weekend workshop prices would be a higher level, and one-on-one learning tutorials would be the highest level of the price range.

Although we have not yet received enough feedback to make final decisions about what the various levels of online courses and workshop offerings will look like. 

On another note, we have also sadly experienced the loss of our Founder, Elfriede Holtkamp who passed away at the end of 2022. Elfriede loved teaching and passing on her knowledge, experience and skills to her eager students. Although she had so much more which had accumulated in her life to share about couture sewing, over and above what is now the foundation of the core course material at Ecole Holt Couture, it was a challenge to condense the curriculum into 6 years. There was more that could have formed an additional few years of course material.  Following her colossal effort and teaching, she still made time to write a memoir of her life from the time she began sewing at a very early age to when she opened the school in 2007. 

Her plan was to continue writing about what happened after the school began its operations and the next dozen years teaching, including hosting the graduation dinners plus the many fashion events that EHC arranged for its students and graduates.  Elfriede had intended to continue her other passions sketching and painting, pleasures that she didn’t get much time to do while she was actively still working.  Her plans could in effect consume another 10 years of life to achieve, there was never any space in her mind to become idle or bored.

We will miss Elfriede’s exuberance for life, her joy in everyday pleasures, her positive outlook on life, and her sage wisdom. Ecole Holt Couture will continue with her Legacy. Attending to her main concern that the art and craft of haute couture and bespoke tailoring not be lost amidst today’s culture of rampant fast and cheap garment production, and continuing wasteful disregard for the environment, which tends to overshadow the value of taking the time to achieve true quality craftsmanship, mindful creating, and appreciating the benefits of garment longevity.  

Being thankful and eternally grateful for her love, support and guidance throughout my life, I will miss her every day. This tribute to my mother, Elfriede Holtkamp reveals but a tiny fraction of her life and contribution to the future of couture sewing.

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