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Ever been mystified by dress codes?

Sponsorship Package EHC ‘Dress Code’

Just wanted to interject this Blog Post between some really interesting blogs in the pipeline.

EHC is hosting its annual Couture Fashion Event Fundraiser this November 18th, on a Sunday afternoon at the Calgary Winter Club  – and praying that we don’t get a freak snow storm!

Demystifying ‘dress codes’ inserted into invitations, or for types of events that most of us will likely never encounter – or will we!  EHC Couture fashion events have been a huge success in attracting attention to the Couture movement and Making Changes Association – we very appreciatively have developed regular attendees to the show as well as attracting new comers. One of our newest students came to us via the show and was blown away “this is what I really want to do!” Check out Dress Code link at the top of the page if you would like to participate as a sponsor….

So, I’ll share with you all the newest about the show as it happens – “happiness is being able to follow your dreams…”

J 🙂


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Snapshots: What EHC did this Year

EHC usually orders fabrics from select suppliers, but immediacy is lost so in September a field trip to Edmonton Alberta was first on the agenda for a ‘hands on’ shopping experience comparing and contrasting natural fibres with synthetic ones. Sadly, Sig Plach Couturier Fabrics, Retailer and wholesaler of quality European fabrics is closing its doors after two generations, but held a super saving sale on its stock plus a visit to Estee Fabrics  got the students out of a pinch.

The Blog was started October 7th, 2011 to share EHC’s current & interesting issues and events. The first event was the 2011 fashion show fundraising event, titled ‘ELEGANZA’ that EHC hosted in support of Making Changes Association Calgary helping women to build better futures for themselves and their families which now has expanded to helping teenage women as well. Our next fashion event is well into the planning for November 2012.

We had a blast with City TV Breakfast Show on-location-host/producer, Jill Belland, who visited with us to promote our fashion event; the Calgary Herald feature writer, Theresa Taylor, came to interview EHC’s Founder, Elfriede Holtkamp, and Students – the article ended up providing the school syndicated nationwide exposure in Ottawa and Montreal all the way west to Vancouver.

In November Montreal’s creators visited EHC demonstrating a great online portfolio portal for the students providing them the opportunity to reach thousands of potential employers nationally and certainly globally.

The Blog itself tried to address quite allot about what Couture sewing and Design is, its processes and the actual business of Couture and tailoring; new jobs that were posted during the year; and about EHC’s philosophy of being ECO friendly and using sustainable ethical business practices.

Ecole Holt Couture went out to High Schools to talk to students in fashion programs about a future in Couture.

A new Website was posted linking Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and WordPress blog together. The site has a new photo gallery, and links to the organizations EHC subscribes to.

We were part of the team that supported Making Changes Association by participating in the annual Scotiabank Marathon on May 27th 2012; which we intend to continue next year!

And now as we are at the end of the current school Year, we wish each student a very good (albeit short) rest as they have full schedules for the summer attending to new clients and projects as well as summer jobs. Thank you to everyone who has supported EHC in so many ways – we appreciate all of you!

So during the summer months we will continue to blog about interesting issues about the couture corner of the fashion market, and hope that everyone will follow along with us….

Estee Fabrics Edmonton AB

EHC uses sewing machines that suit – cross between industrial and domestic duty

at work during fitting class

1st year student – pattern matching and quilting project

1st year student project – 3rd Term fitting of the jacket -ladies 4 piece tailored business suit

‘ensemble’ project

2nd year student – working lace

3rd year student – men’s tailoring segment

2nd year student assisting with wedding gown project

Second Year Grad Dinner at Hotel Arts, Calgary

organizing looks for ELEGANZA

getting ready for ELEGANZA

Opening act of ELEGANZA

live entertainment at ELEGANZA with Sarah Vann and Lisa Jacobs

City TV Breakfast Show on location with Jill Belland at EHC

Calgary Herald feature article about EHC that went nationwide creators: Alex and Fadi

EHC PR Representative (is also an EHC student) visits James Fowler High School career day for seminar about futures in fashion

pattern drafting and design

pattern drafting

EHC’s vision and philosophy of using ECO Friendly fabrics and sustainable ethical business practices

ECO Friendly fabrics – 100% worsted wool and 100% silk lining, with natural fiber interlinings for ladies tailoring

EHC’s new Website

EHC’s website gallery page

Calgary – Scotiabank Marathon finish line

Final class for the Year – see you in the fall of 2012!


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