My Best Friend’s Closet!

Ecole Holt Couture School of Couture Sewing and Design students and staff visited their community partners Making Changes Association of Alberta in Calgary on Wednesday – an organization that works with around 100 agencies in and round the city that refer clients to MCA, who wish to re-enter the workforce and need employment and life skills guidance. MCA provides that guidance and wardrobes to their clients for free and have recently begun a Teen program called My Best Friend’s Closet providing not only school clothing, but professional image consulting services and a gathering place for these young women to share time and friendship in a nurturing creative safe environment.

The artwork at the reception desk

The facility is anything but officiously dull or intimidating, but bright and cheerful and looks like a high end boutique for Teens – is truly inspiring for any young woman that is facing the prospect of looking great and feeling truly comfortable in her school environment – trying to fit in with her peers all the while going through some pretty challenging life pressures. This place and the trained volunteers are totally encouraging providing pro make-up tips, jewelry/accessories, a full school wardrobe – including a gym kit, and a refuge of normalcy to teen clients who have been marginalized – coming from all sectors of society.

Lili Bunce, the Executive Director of MCA and her just groomed little pooch, welcomed us with coffee and muffins, pop and pizza; gave us the grand tour and provided her insights into the successes and challenges of the organization, and the invaluable commitment and contributions of their many volunteers who actually make the place work so well.

Lili on far right and EHC group

Thank you Lili!

Where do we fit in? Ecole Holt Couture‘s annual fashion event fundraiser “Dress Code” is for Making Changes Association and will be staged Sunday November 18th at the Calgary Winter Club – so save the date! This year’s theme is addressing ‘occasions that would require attendees to arrive per a Dress Code’ – so what does it all mean???? Tickets will go on sale – will provide more information soon. Come join us and have an inspirational and fun afternoon!

Were they inspired or what?

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